Biodiversity Conservation Colombia



Biodiversity Conservation Colombia is an esteemed environmental nonprofit organization (NGO) driven by the passion and commitment of philanthropists, conservationists, and divers. Our primary goal is to safeguard and preserve nature’s remarkable wonders, with a particular focus on pristine areas that require intricate care.

SFF Malpelo

Our inception can be traced back to our dedicated efforts in protecting the marine wildlife of the renowned World Heritage Site, SFF Malpelo. Through our groundbreaking initiative, PROTECT MALPELO – PROJECT SILKY, we have taken a resolute stand against illegal fishing, ensuring the continued prosperity of this extraordinary ecosystem.

What makes us different

What set us apart is our unwavering dedication to nurturing biodiversity and our firm belief in the intrinsic value of every species and ecosystem. By collaborating with local communities, and implementing effective conservation strategies, we are actively shaping a sustainable future for generations to come.

At Biodiversity Conservation Colombia, we understand that the preservation of our natural heritage goes hand in hand with raising awareness and promoting responsible environmental practices. Through advocacy campaigns, we aim to inspire individuals from all walks of life to become custodians of our planet.

In the future

Our aspirations transcend the boundaries of a single location. We envision an expansive reach that extends to other vital areas of conservational interest. Our team strives to create a positive and lasting impact by fostering biodiversity preservation in diverse habitats throughout Colombia and the world. We are dedicated to the recovery of biodiversity in both protected and unprotected areas, implementing strategies that are economically sustainable and tailored to the unique conditions of different ecosystems.

Biodiversity Conservation Colombia, we are united by our passion for nature and driven by our commitment to its preservation. We believe that through sustainable strategies and collaborative efforts, we can create a world where biodiversity flourishes, benefiting both present and future generations of people and nature alike.


Join us on this remarkable journey of conservation and make a significant difference. Together, we can protect Colombia’s rich biodiversity and secure a harmonious coexistence between humans and nature.

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