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Our History

Biodiversity Conservation Colombia

The Biodiversity Conservation Colombia Foundation was created in 2016 by Jacob Stanley Griffiths and Erika Patricia Lopez as an initiative to conserve the biodiversity of the Malpelo sanctuary, through the Protect Malpelo - Project Silky. 

Since then, we have been working nonstop in the area, gaining experience and developing a sustainable strategy to maintain the presence of our project in the area.

Today, we have a complete and renewed platform with an experienced crew, and we have achieved excellent results during all these years.


Legal Constitution

Constitution of the foundation and other legal responsibilities.

Presentation to the government authorities and NGOs related to the initiatives of the foundation.

Protect Malpelo - Project Silky

Signed Convenio 001 del 2017 between BCC and Parques Nacionales Naturales de Colombia for our primary and first project, Protect Malpelo - Project Silky.

Protect Malpelo - Project Silky

Donation of the vessel Silky, from the Biodiversity Conservation Trust Australia to the Colombian branch Biodiversity Conservation Colombia.

Protect Malpelo - Project Silky

Adequation and complete overhauling of the catamaran in Florida - USA.

Protect Malpelo - Project Silky

Inaguration of the project Protect Malpelo - Project Silky.

Protect Malpelo - Project Silky

First entrance of the catamaran Silky and its zodiac to SFF Malpelo.

Protect Malpelo - Project Silky

Continous entrances and permanence of the Silky in SFF Malpelo.

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